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Waiting to be-gin

by | Nov 9, 2017

A couple of weeks ago I took a trip to Salcombe Distillery Co. in Devon to attend one of their excellent Gin School sessions. My partner and I have developed a bit of a passion for gin and the next logical step from to have a go at making.

It was a fascinating afternoon and at the end of it, we had our very own unique bottle of gin distilled from a blend of selected botanicals.

I can now say with a degree confidence that I know how to make gin.

On the journey home we hatched plans to start producing our own – living in Salisbury (home of Britain’s tallest cathedral spire) it was only natural that our gin would be called Spire Gin and that it would be the toast of the craft world.

This morning I heard on the radio that an enterprising local gin enthusiast ( or if you will) had just produced the first batch of their own craft gin called Spire Gin and it was available to buy online.

While I had been daydreaming, happy living in the world of knowing, they had gone ahead and moved into the world of doing.

I was reminded how often we confuse knowing something with actually doing it. When I run brand communication seminars, participants occasionally tell me that they already “know this stuff”…

But there is a big difference between knowing something and actually doing it.

I call this the knowing-doing gap it is the reason, despite knowing what to do we often don’t take the step and just do it. Some of the reasons for inaction are irrational and others are quite rational but either way, it is our goal at Studio Maximus is to help people to bridge the gap when it comes to communicating their brand in the most compelling way possible.

So what are your biggest knowing-doing gaps when it comes to communicating your brand?

What would be the benefit to your business if you were able to close them?

Remember. You know what to do and if I can help, just drop me a line.