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My name is Neil and I help companies to reshape their visual brand and express their values clearly across all media.
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You could call me a Creative Problem Solver if you like…
I’m a bit over job titles, just because you say you are something doesn’t mean you are that thing.
I prefer to talk to the outcomes.
What do you do? How do you do it?
And why should we care?
This is how I work with clients…

WE Understand

First we find out what is important you and your customer and how you want to appear to them.

YOU articulate

Then we work out the best words, images and graphics with which to communicate your story and express your values.

I create

Finally we bring it all together in one coherent whole that gives you a credible presence across print, web and social


“Neil’s business experience is broad and deep, so whatever issue comes up he has relevant insight to bring. He has added considerable value to my business.” Andrew Keevil

“Neil is an excellent speaker with insights on how to create your brand and make it work for your business.” Janice B Gordon

“Neil Has helped me gain real clarity about what I do, who I do it for and why. As a result I can build a brand around my values.” Stuat Kerslake

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You can find me in the following physical and virtual places.


07122 512069


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