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Over the Easter break I listen to the latest Gary Vaynerchuk audio book and I would highly recommend you do too. It is a collection of answers to questions about, business, social media and entrepreneurship that have been posed during the run of his popular youtube series “the askgaryvee show”.

The reason I like the audio version of  it so much is that he takes the opportunity to revisit some of the responses in the book, expanding and elaborating on the subjects covered. It is quite clear which parts are being read and which are freestyle. There is a different cadence to his voice and some times he gets “salty”. 

If you have heard him talk publicly you will know that he  is incredibly passionate about his subject and can be quite abrasive – he is not afraid to use bad language, it is part of his open, raw and honest approach – his personal brand.

This approach is not to everybody’s taste and there were plenty of people who voted with their feet when I saw him speak in San Diego earlier in the year.

But that is the point.

You can’t please all of the people all of the time.

If you are going to stand up and stand out you have to be prepared that someone might disagree with you. 

I used to worry a lot about what people thought of me and whether I might be misunderstood or offend, but as time goes on and my understanding and expertise grows I have become less apologetic for my approach and more discerning in who I take advice from.

When it comes to popcorn I’m a half and half kinda guy, but when it comes to marketing I want my insights down to earth, no nonsense and straight to the point, blunt even.

That is why I have recently connected with another marketing expert by the name of Nathan Hague. Listen out for an upcoming podcast interview (which may need to be edited for broadcast!)

In my training course “Developing your category of one” we explore what sets some companies and individuals apart from others. How do some brands transcend commodity and defy comparison?

One thing is for sure, whether they are salty or sweet they are anything but bland.

P.S If you want to get hold of a copy of the askgaryvee book you can find it on Amazon HERE (not an affiliate link)