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This week one of the most famous people on the planet tried to break the internet.

The high priestess of pointless celebrity Kim Kardashian decided that it was a good idea to expose her preposterous posterior on the front cover of a magazine most of us have never heard of (the imaginatively titled PAPER) in a bid to draw attention to global poverty herself.

It seems the only way we can avoid this irritant is to disconnect and go and live in the woods but such is the connected world we live in.

I can confirm that fortunately she did not succeed in breaking the internet but she did generate the desired level of media attention across all platforms. As her gluteus maximus overwhelmed social media, big brands attempted to associate themselves with the story, much like a small probe attempting to anchor itself to a comet.
(another worthy news story “eclipsed” by the planet Kardashia)

As with stories about Nicki Minaj and Jennifer Lopez, my thoughts turned to big butts and in particular the damage that can be done to businesses by big “buts”.

Your presentation was great but…
I would like to go ahead with the project, but…
You’re a nice guy but…

These buts often come about when there is a disconnect between you and your customer/prospect and they are very rarely out of your control.

If you are able to communicate VALUE, if you are able to get right to the heart of the ISSUE and craft propositions that are utterly COMPELLING you will stop hearing that word so often.

If you would like some ideas on how you can stop these objections in your business, why not get in touch and book a brand focus call?

Alternatively Here is a picture of Kim and her 210Litre Water butt.

Consider the internet broken.