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dontlikemondsy…I love ’em!

As a teenager Sunday evening was always mired with a cloud of dreary inevitability knowing that in just a few short hours it would be Monday again and that Monday brought with it a return to the never-ending tedium of school and then later work.

I would not say I was overly academic, I don’t think I really liked school – that whole thing about doing what you are told when you are told to do it didn’t really sit well with me.
I wasn’t rebellious per se but I didn’t really like to conform.

It always felt that I was being steered down a path that I didn’t really want to follow.

It wasn’t until many years after leaving school that I realised that I had ended up in a place where I was unsatisfied and unfulfilled. I took stock and realised that somewhere along the line I had given up, let the river of life carry me along and that it was now down to me to make a change.

So I did.

I made a choice and changed direction. I took voluntary redundancy and started off down a more creative path and went back to school..

Ironic really considering I had said at the outset that I never really liked school but this was different, this was art school. I was finally exposed to a world of creativity that I had completely missed out on over the previous 20 years or so of life and formal education. Art was a very marginal subject at the old alma mater so we were encouraged to follow more academic subjects – school had effectively killed my creativity but I now had an opportunity to bring it to the heart of my life.

17 years on and as the director of my own creative business I have the opportunity to make art everyday – not just art in the literal sense but figuratively – crafting compelling campaigns, writing inspiring articles, designing engaging marketing materials and hosting insightful podcasts.

So when Monday arrives it does so with a sense of optimism and excitement I am entirely responsible for the way the week pans out.

What’s not to love?