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Discover how extraordinary companies transcend commodity and defy comparison

There is a ton of good stuff in Joe Calloway’s book Becoming a Category of One. So I have taken the liberty of extracting the 5 key leanings and sharing them with you in this video.

If you are really going to differentiate yourself in an ocean of sameness, becoming a category of one company needs to be at the heart of your plans. This is not just a case of making up attributes and hyperbole, three category of one companies don’t just stand out in a category – they create a whole new category.

This is a recording of a webinar aired in early December 2014. Although the time-sensitve offers are no longer valid, the learning is.

If there is anything that comes up in the video that you would like clarification on or you would like to have a chat about how the brand gladiator approach can help you to define your category of one, just click the button below to schedule a one to one with me.

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